We are a Company specialized in the distribution and commercialization of Chemical Products for more than 25 years , both national and imported.
DM CHEMICAL INC is compromised with the high quality standards of our process and facilities, from the selection of primary components to the distribution and delivery to the final customer.

Among other other numerous products we carry, we distribute high quality resins, Thinners, additives and Inks, all of them of the highest quality possible, produced by leading makers and sources.

We are a long time specialized dealers of "DOMINION COLORS DCC", a leading manufacturer of both organic and inorganic pigments, aimed to the Plastic, Paint, Coating and Printing clients and industry.

Our Mission


Our goal is to be the best and most respected Chemical Products Distribution Company on the local market, consistently maintaining and even improving in our commitment to give the best service possible and to satisfy and fulfill every of our clients needs.

We are committed to closely work with our clients as a team and we will do any necessary effort to maintain our client-satisfaction-guaranteed Philosophy.

We are also compromised to be always a innovative Company, actualizing and developing new products, improving our services and constantly placing ourselves in a technological leading position, being able to always fulfill our client's expectations in the present and the future as well.


Our Values


We are totally committed to treat and serve our clients with respect, dignity integrity and honesty.
Our efforts are primarily aimed to fulfill and meet every client's expectation, both local and overseas.
All of our actions are in a context of the highest ethical and moral sense.

DM CHEMICAL INC is also an ecologically concerned company and we practice and support the protection and respect of the Environment.
We are an open, responsive and communicative company.




Coalescing Agents


Adhesive Resins Colorants
Organic and Inorganic Pigments

Thickeners Defoamers Resins